This is the most interesting shit related picture I’ve ever been sent by a Stoolie. Its so contradictory. A paradox, if you will.

What sort of man who would be so resourceful and so germophobic as to rip a hole in a plastic bag for your asshole to poop through, yet still be willing to shit on the LIRR? It seems like the man who would think to do this wouldn’t even entertain the thought of shitting on the train. Like I am on the record as saying I never nest. I think nesting is for germophobic pussies. I usually just plop my ass right down on the seat. But I also set standards for myself in the sense that I would probably never shit on the LIRR. Unless we had a life or death situation, I wouldn’t shit there. So, yea, I’m not a master nester like this dude, but I also just wouldn’t put myself in that position in the first place. But this guy was a big enough dumpster to be willing to shit on the morning commute, yet some sort of meticulous neat freak to the point that he creates a toilet seat condom with a glory hole for his shit. Thats quite a mixed up dude.

And theres no way this was a chick right? No chick would shit on the LIRR. I refuse to believe I live in a world where females are pinching loaves on the train to Babylon.