Like an old dog being dragged outside and put out to pasture, the Jets were finally put out of their misery. And the happiest motherfucker in the world was that son of a bitch Mike Tirico. Homie Spumoni spent the whole night making backhanded, tongue in cheek comments about how atrocious the Jets franchise was, and letting it all out after that fumble was the happiest moment of his fake black life.

This was the most pathetic Jets performance I’ve seen all year. Thats something I’ve said 5 or 6 times in a row but this was the one. It was the most pathetic performance of Mark Sanchez’s career. You could have given the Jets 50 more chances in that game and I absolutely believe with all of my heart Sanchez would have never put the ball in the end zone. There is absolutely no way he can ever start another game as a New York Jet. Its over. Cuncel it. For the love of fucking God, cuncel it. Blow it all up. From Rex to Tannenbaum to Sparano to Sanchez, everyone has gotta go.