If there’s ever been a time to stick by your team, it would be now. Squad gave you 95 wins, another AL east title, an exciting 5 game series in the Division Series. Classic home runs and late inning heroics. The ALCS was marred by injury and slumps. The death of your manager’s father. Hard times fell upon the whole team from top to bottom. Now would be the time to rally around the Yankees and support them.

Or you can just claim that they “went down without a fight,” “Didn’t earn their pinstripes,” and say they don’t deserve your support. Say they aren’t worth your money or your cheers and start picking which members of the team need to be cut. Either or.

Fuckin Yankees fans. Unless your name is Jeter or Mariano playing for the New York Yankees has gotta be the worst thing in the whole world. Sure, maybe you make a couple extra bucks than if you played out in Kansas City. But it just ain’t worth the hassle and stress of playing in front of these assholes. When they actually come to the Stadium, that is.