Improv Everywhere

You’re telling me there was an opportunity for chicks to go out close to naked in public and these are the type of broads that showed up?  Get the fuck out!  I mean I was planning on doing a No Pants Subway Ride Guess That Ass today but then I realized there would probably be a full scale riot after everyone puked from wall to wall in their cubicle.  Seriously why is it that any time there is a Topless Day or No Pants Day it’s always the fuckin wildebeests that drag themselves out of their art studios and shove their tits and assholes in everyone’s face?   Did anyone else notice that?  There’s like an actual scientific ratio that the uglier you are the more skin you’ll show in public on naked day.   It’s honestly the biggest problem America faces today.

….Hey wait a minute!

Somebody get me these pantsless subway riders and turn them around for me!