Not as good as the Flip Side videos, but it touches upon one of my favorite phenomena. Everyone always puts people in their phones with absurd names. Just for shits. I’d say 90% of the numbers I ever got in my whole life I never even called or texted but just put it in my phone as an accomplishment. Like a badge on a Boy Scout vest but a lot less creepy and pedohpily. Obviously you always make them blatantly disrespectful for fun when you know theres no chance you’re ever calling. I put some Asian chick in my phone as Wong Foo Lee. One night I was wingmanning hard for my boy and had to put up with a fat drunk disgusting mess named Patricia. She went in as Patty Bomb. My old landlord was a dude and I put him in there as Pedophile Jeff. Doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, sometimes you just need that extra descriptor.

I can’t even imagine what sort of deranged shit Stoolies put into their phones. Leave your best in the comments section or tweet them to me at @KFCBarstool and if you guys have enough funny ones maybe I’ll put it into its own blog.