One year later, one year fatter, Prince Fielder and the Tigers come into the Bronx, bringing with them a shot at redemption for the Yankees after last year’s ousting. Still don’t believe they dropped that game 5 in the Bronx after Granderson and Burnett saved the season in game 4. This go around is all about not letting Cabrera beat us. Put the pressure on Prince- the guy who singlehandedly fuels the argument from baseball haters that the sport is for lazy fat guys- to carry the team. Don’t for one second think about fucking with that giant baby-faced alcoholic turned triple crown winner. Verlander and CC neutralized til the middle of the series, and now we have Kuroda pitching tomorrow on what he called the shortest rest of his career. Now I don’t know much but I do know you don’t fuck with the Japanese routine. From sushi chefs to game two starters, that shit is sacred. That being said, no idea what to expect from Hiroki tomorrow. I almost wanna call this a must win. It all starts tonight with the most winningest pitcher in playoff history going against the quintessential Yankee fucker, Doug Fister. Should be a tough match up, but I like our chances.

P.S.- None of this really matters because the Cardinals essentially locked up the World Series last night. We’re all in agreement there, yes?