There’s no way the Jets should lost this game. Just zero reasons for a defense with their potential to give up any points to Ryan Tannenhill. Like I wouldn’t be surprised if we shut them out.

But on the flip side this is Jets at Miami. A game that always seems to be a sort of disaster in the Rex Ryan Era. Doesn’t matter how good either team is, when they match up it always seems to be a sloppy dogfight. So, this game can go 2 very different directions. And I’m telling you now no matter what the outcome is, there will be a media shitstorm tomorrow. Because either A) they lose and its a nightmare for Sanchez or B) they win and its a nightmare for Sanchez because I think today we see more Tebow than we have this season. Everyone expects him to be in the mix much more this week. Any sort of offensive success leading to a W and people will again call into question Sanchez vs. Tebow. Nice life for Mark, huh?

I blacked out in the Foam on Friday. I was at Bruce until like 4 am last night. I’m hanging on by a thread physically and emotionally right now and if the Jets lose today I will just flat out kill myself.