In response to your story about some whiney bitch from Rider not getting the respect they (don’t) deserve, why don’t you also include TCNJ in this? We’re 10 minutes from Trenton and can rage pretty hard indeed. Also, we’er like rider but not retarded, and like Rutgers but not disease-ridden.

 From TCNJ

Shit just got real real. I thought that it was a no brainer to just hand this FOAM party to Rutgers but apparently I was mistaken. Rider wants in. TCNJ wants in. Both in their backyards and they both wanna Blackout. TCNJ claims to be smart and disease free. One night at Fckin FOAM will change that. You’ll walk out of there with a thousand less brain cells and a few STDs for sure.

So who else wants in? Trenton FOAM is officially up for grabs. Anybody in New Jersey can get in the mix. Monmouth? Ramapo? Drew? Whichever school gets the most people attending their facebook event page gets official ownership of Trenton FOAM

Heres the official Rider Page

Rutgers Page


If you’re from any of the other NJ schools and you wanna claim Trenton FOAM as your own, start up a page and invite everyone you know and have your friends invite everyone they know. We’re gonna Blackout the entire state of New Jersey, just depends on who gets to go down in Barstool history.