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The Born and Raised City GirlWhere they reside? Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Lower East Side Market share: 16%. This is the girl that has grown up in the city her whole life, meaning she has aged way too fast. The fast paced life full of distractions that most individuals experience in college, these girls experience during junior high. Growing up fast means that mostly everything has been laid out for her in her life.

The Billion-Heiress Where they reside? Tribeca, Soho, Upper East Side, The Plaza, Time Warner Building, Central Park West Market share: 7% This is the girl that has decided to absorb some Western culture and study at a prestigious American University. Whether a long-term lifestyle choice or here for just a few months she will be in and out of NYC as often as she changes her stilettos. As a result of her wealthy and prestigious background, any attempts to impress her through materialism will get you nowhere

Lower East Side Hipster Where they reside? Lower east side, Bleecker Street, Houston Street, Goldbar, Anywhere you see street art, East & West Village Market share: 5% These girls are the New York City hippies. They have an avant garde sense of fashion, that is sexy when not excessively over done.

Party Girl/Social climber Where they reside: Meat packing district, 27th and 10th, Lavo, Promoter Apartments, Colleges, Nobu, Mr. Chow Market share: 10%. These are the girls that love to party with the intent to vigorously climb the social ladder . You can catch them falling over on the cobblestone of the Meat Packing District almost any given night. They average going to about 3 different clubs in 1 night with of course a dinner before paid by their male sponsor.

The girl that’s definitely not from here Where they reside? University dorms, Midtown, Murray Hill, Upper East Side Market Share: 12% This is the girl that you can tell is definitely not from anywhere remotely close to New York. She will either be from the southern states, western states, or even Midwest. The limelight will astonish them and the sight of a celebrity will have them wetter then Tara Reid in the first American Pie.

Young professional Where they reside? Financial District, Murray Hill, Upper East Side, Midtown Market Share: 14% This is the girl that just finished college from a different state and has moved here to become a young professional. She will go out occasionally, but not in excess.

Student Where they reside: NYU, Fordham, FIT, LIM, Pace, Parsons, Columbia, Baruch Market share: 20% These are the girls that go to school here. To them, New York is just one big playground. They come here to have the time of their lives and experience one of the best campuses

The model Where they reside: A bunk bed in a model apartment Market Share: 5% they love to party and don’t have a high amount of intellect. Drug use can be extremely high amongst some of these women. And many don’t get to live their dream

Another one of my favorite douchey “New York” lists. Not that some of these things aren’t true. Some of it definitely is. But the vast majority of it is like a column written by that bitch from Sex and the City. These weird Manhattan stereotypes with no mention of the vast majority of chicks out there. First just a couple things from this list:

1) I don’t trust the born and raised city girls. I don’t trust the “born and raised” city anything. Guys, girls, young, old. Whatever. If you were riding the subway alone by the time you were like 8, you’ve most definitely got something wrong with you. Where did you ride bikes? Where did you climb trees? And don’t say “Central Park.” Thats fucking weird that all of your childhood memories happened in one park. If you’ve had a doorman and a super since you were a little girl, you’re fucked in the head and you’re bad news. 2) If 7% of chicks are billionaire heiresses, well then I had some seriously shitty luck in my travels as a single man. That means there are like tens of thousands of zillionaire broads running around town. I thought I’d hit on enough women in the city to see it all. But I guess I’ve only talked to 93% because I’ve never met one.

Essentially, this list is saying you’re either from out of town, an heiress, a model, a hipster, or a student. When in reality I’d say about like 80% of all chicks in New York are girls from Westchester/Upstate, Long Island, or NJ/CT. Not some “out of towner,” just a chick that lives within like an hour of the city. Spends a couple years commuting from home after school. Moves to the city with her girlfriends after a little while. Goes one of two routes – casual happy hour weekdays, bar scene weekends – or – goes to clubs and lounges pretending to be fancy. Both versions slut it up for a couple years. Both versions desperately search for a boyfriend after those couple years of slutting it up. List over.

Sure, there are some Gossip Girls out there. Some wanna be models who are actually just waitresses. Unfortunately there are hipsters broads now too. But overall, most city girls are just chicks who come from the burbs of NYC, get a job here, and party here. Not every day in Manhattan is a page from a Sex and the City script.