Whenever Walt “Clyde” Frazier says: one of these phrases/words take a shot/
gulp depending on beverage choice:

Feline Quickness

Razzle and Dazzle

Crusin and bruising

Sharing and caring

Used and abused

Herky jerky

Master Blaster

See your man, see the ball

Rising and surprising

Teflon defense

Swiss Cheese defense




Matador defense

Slashing and Dashing

Paid the price

And the crowd at Madison square garden
is aroused

Off to an auspicious beginning here tonight

Looking to capitalize

Bounding and Astounding

Dancing and Prancing

Dishing and Swishing

Huffing and Stuffing

Hustling and Bustling

Will not be denied





Loosey Goosey

Movin’ and Grovin’!

Out-muscling and Out-hustling

Posting and Toasting

Shaking and Baking

Slicing and Dicing to the hoop!

Spinning and Winning

Stumbling and Bumbling

Styling and Profiling

Swooping and Hooping

Wheeling and Dealing

Winning and Grinning

Walt Frazier is absolutely the best basketball analyst in the league. He and Mike Breen are like Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez. The perfectly balanced duo of professional play by play man mixed with the charismatic athlete who basically says whatever the fuck he wants. I absolutely think “feline quickness” needs to be some sort of bonus drink. Like if you’re sipping a beer the whole game then “feline quickness” needs to be a shot or something. All the other rhymes and vocab words like percolate are classic, but feline quickness is just absolutely priceless.

~ Should out to Mike Cavallo for creating the game