HARARE, ZimbabweThe latest winner of Zimbabwe’s Mr. Ugly pageant has ambitions of fame and fortune. But, so far, he remains a simple market porter. William Masvinu, 38, who won the second edition of the pageant last month, makes his living carrying loads for shoppers in a market in the impoverished western Harare township of Mbare. The victory has made him a local celebrity, but the modeling offers he thought he’d be getting aren’t yet pouring in. “I was expecting to do some adverts and some modeling if I was asked. But I’m still poor, still carrying loads of cabbages onto buses,” he said. “I am ready to show the world my gift,” he said. “Being ugly is not a curse. It’s a gift God gave me and I’m proud of it. My face makes me special and I am not making any excuses about it.”  Masvinu said he has long lived with being shunned, even by his own family. “My mother died when I was three and no one wanted to take care of me or send me to school because of my looks,” he said.  “Whenever employers open the door and see me, they go, `Ahh,’ and shut it,” he said. When he smiles, it looks like he is crying or in pain, his fans say. His wife, Alice Chabhanga, isn’t concerned about his looks. “She was the only one who wanted me and she knows she has no competition,” Masvinu said.

Poor Billy Masvinu. Dude thought he was gonna be Mr. Ugly, belle of the ball. The new face advertising campaigns all across the Serengeti.  Turns out he’s still just an ugly black dude carrying cabbage on to buses. I’ll be honest Bill, can’t say I didn’t see that one coming. You look like a goddam California Raisin.

So black you’re almost purple with all sorts or weird ridges and wrinkles all up in your face. At least they could sing and had stage presence. When you’re talent portion of the pageant is just you being AIDS free and carrying groceries in the poor section of town, you can’t expect Hollywood to come knocking on your hut door.

I’ll tell you who was fucking robbed though – the runner up Freddy Mwanda, the runner up

That is absolutely the ugliest motherfucker in Zimbabwe. I don’t care if William Masvinu looks like Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple. I don’t care that he looks like the top of a totem pole. Freddy Mwanda and those lips are downright atrocious. David Stern must have presided over this pageant because dude was just flat out robbed