Alright it may sound confusing, but here we go: If the Yankees lose tonight and Baltimore wins, then the Yankees and Baltimore are tied atop the the division. That means they will square off for one game that technically counts as game 163 of the regular season, not a playoff game. If the Yankees lose that game, then they will enter the one game wild card play-in thing for which Bud Selig has been spraying cumsies all over the place. If they then lose that one, then the season is over and I’m out of work… But let’s stay positive. It’s so simple. Win tonight and nothing else matters. Bury the JV squad coming out of the Red Sox dugout and win the division. Kuroda may be wishing he was rolling sushi or doing sudoku over pitching tonight, but the guy treats every start as the most important job in the world and outside of his last few appearances, he’s been a repeat employee of the month winner.

@StoolPizzaBoy to simultaneously shit your pants with me every time the Yankees have a runner on third with less than 2 outs.