9 people. Outside of 9 exceptions, Derek Jeter has done something more times than any person to ever walk this planet. I’m pretty sure that I’m a top 10 whiffle ball pitcher in the world. I also may be top 10 at guessing how much the check is at dinner. I’m unnaturally good at that. But aside from that, I’m not cracking the top million in anything. 9 people. The list of humans for whom Antonio Cromartie is paying child support is longer than the roster in front of Jeter for all time hits.  Not like he needs any more validation in his illustrious career, but there’s something special about attaching the numerical significance of cracking the top 10 to Jeter’s legacy. It may seem arbitrary, but it’s a pretty big deal. Don’t see too many top 11 lists on trivia night at the bar. So while we’ve all known for years that Jeter is one of the all-time elite hitters, he can now proudly flaunt that invitation to the top 10 club. But he wont, and that’s what makes Derek different than the 9 guys in front of him. You know he would trade 2000 of his hits right now if it meant one more ring. He’s sure as hell not celebrating the milestone as much as he should be, so we might as well do it for him. 9 fucking people. Maybe now he can get some ass.