Its nothing new. I’m not pretending this is the first time its ever happened. But today has been particularly out of control. Talk radio, the newspapers, the blogosphere. Just absolutely out of control. Yankee fans who have done nothing but annihilate Nick Swisher and Mark Teixeireiixieria are all the sudden their biggest supporters so they can drop Arod down in the order. Now Tex and Swisher are viable solutions in the 3 hole somehow after like 3 years of saying they should be left of the playoff roster. Talking about working Eric Chavez into the lineup and shit. Its straight bizarro world stuff.

At this stage in the game he’s over the hill and past his prime. Everyone knows that. So what is it with the ridiculous expectations? I understand he’s not currently performing but this is some deep rooted hatred still. No other 36 year old is expected to perform the same way he did when he was in his prime. So why do Yankee fans feel that way? And don’t say the money. Don’t tell me the $30 million a year matters. Because thats been the opposite of every Yankee fan mantra forever. The money doesn’t matter when things work ok, so the money shouldn’t matter when it fails too. Yankees fans have poo poo’d Tex’s $25 million all year because “its not their money.”

So is it still Jeter? Is it the fact that Arod will forever and always be linked to Jeter and Jeter continues to thrive at age 38? Thats a legitimate question, I’m not trying to rile people up. Is that really what it is for Yankees fans? Is it that you really think Swisher or Tex or someone else is a viable solution in the 3 hole? Probably the only 2 guys who have a worse playoff track record than Arod?

Or is it just pure unadulterated irrational hatred? Thats fine by me too. There have been plenty of guys on my team I hate for no good reason. I personally think the main reason that the entire world hates Alex Rodriguez is that he’s an overpaid douchebag. But as a Yankees fan, thats your entire franchise – overpaid dicks. He’s the overpaid dick who won you a ring. So, what can it be?