The stars have aligned for Rex Ryan. Yesterday was the perfect storm for him and the Jets. It started with Thanksgiving night and the Buttfumble. A moment and a game that was so embarrassing for the franchise it erased virtually all success Sanchez may have had. It was one nail in the coffin. Sanchez starts off yesterday’s game with like 5 interceptions in 3 pass attempts for a second nail. In the heat of the moment, in order to salvage that game, a change needed to be made. And Tim Tebow is conveniently inactive to provide the final nail in the coffin. The past 2 games (1 1/2 really) were so bad for Mark Sanchez it finally gave Rex enough reason to yank Sanchez, and rather than having to succumb to Tebowmania, he gets to skip over the bullshit and go with the kid from Alabama. I mean if you’re of the belief that Rex Ryan hates Tim Tebow and never wanted any part of him, and I think a lot of us are, this is enough for conspiracy theorists to run wild. Just way to convenient.

So now here’s the deal – you have to call McElroy the starter. Not because you think he’s the real deal. Not because you’re convinced he’s Tom Brady. Simply because next week if Tebow is healed, you’re gonna have a 3 man quarterback controversy and you just cannot fucking have that. 2 is bad enough. The old adage is “If you have 2 quarterbacks you have no quarterbacks.” Well there’s another saying, less well known – if you have three quarterbacks your franchise is just a bunch of fucking assholes. Look, Sanchez was given plenty of slack. Plenty of chances. Things were only getting worse. Games were practically over before they started with him under center. Its not all his fault – the Jets fucked up royally with him and the personnel around him is putrid. But bottom line is his time ran out. Tim Tebow was brought in and told he’d be the back up quarterback – you aren’t changing his role at all. And although its unorthodox for a 3rd string to jump to starter, this whole situation has been unorthodox. So it is what it is. Call McElroy the starter until he proves he shouldn’t be. It could be as short as next week. Maybe the week after. Maybe next season. But for right now – after seeing how toxic it can be with so much uncertainty at the quarterback position can be – just declare him the starting quarterback. The perfect chance to do so fell into your lap. The perfect chance to end the off the field madness is here. Take it and run with it.