Fuck you injury bug raping the Yankees. Take Swisher, take Gardner. Hell, take Chavez. Just don’t take Mariano. Nothing good about this. Nothing good about this at all.

Hands down one of the scariest tweets I’ve ever read. Apparently Mo slipped on the warning track shagging fly balls in batting practice and had to get carted off the field. Looks ugly from what I hear.

And now people are tweeting obituary pieces about Rivera and his career. All signs point to devastation. If the Yankees lose Mo, everything is thrown off. The bullpen has been the one consistency on this team and now that’s in jeopardy. Yankee fans are collectively holding their breath until further news is released. But if this is as bad as people are saying it may be, is it possible we have seen Mariano Rivera pitch his last game ever? Quite the sobering thought.

P.S.- Anybody complaining about how stupid it is that Mo was shagging fly balls is retarded. He’s done that every day of his career, and it’s part of what keeps him in great shape.