(Newser) – Diana Nyad was about halfway through her swim from Cuba to Florida this morning, as her team attempted to get her through a storm. The 62-year-old is safe and still feels good, they say, and yesterday was “awesome” despite the fact that she suffered several jellyfish stings, her operations chief blogged last night. He added that as she swims, Nyad has been accompanied by the music of the Black Eyed Peas coming from the watercraft accompanying her. The 103-mile swim across the Straits of Florida is expected to take Nyad at least 60 hours, meaning that—if all goes according to plan—she will arrive in the Florida Keys tomorrow; as of early this morning, she had been swimming for 34 hours. If that happens, Nyad will become the first person to make the swim unassisted and without a shark cage. Her crew keeps the sharks away via a faint electric field generated by a device that the kayaks escorting her carry. She also has handlers ready to jump in and distract sharks if necessary, the AP reports.

Will this bitch just hurry up and drown? Sick of writing these goddam blogs. Is it even gonna be impressive anymore if she accomplishes this made up feat? Congrats Danielle you’ve spent 30 fucking years trying to swim from point A to point B! You finally did it once! Plus all this talk about her being the first to swim “unassisted” is such bullshit. You’ve got a team of kayaks shooting out a force field to protect you from sharks. That ain’t assistance?

Bottom line is I wish I could just move Cuba like 20 miles closer to Florida so this chick can finally achieve her goal and get the fuck out of my life.

PS – The only people more pathetic than Diana Nyad is her “crew.” What the fuck is their deal? Just every few months you guys round up your boats and kayaks and sail for like 30 hours with this chick until she gives up for the 20th time?