NEW YORK (AP) - NBA Commissioner David Stern will retire on Feb. 1, 2014, 30 years after he took charge of the league. He will be replaced by Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver. The announcement came at an NBA Board of Governors meeting Thursday. Stern told owners during their two days of meetings of his plans, and the board unanimously decided Silver would be his successor.

Ha! Yea fucking right! Hey bro don’t you have a Star Trek convention to go to or something? You look like Buster Bluth’s evil twin. Good luck trying to fill Bear Jew’s shoes. All 7 foot 11, 160 pounds of you. Can’t wait for your first gun related incident. You’ll probably shit in your yarmulke and cry for David Stern to come back.

Although he does kind of have a Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit vibe going.

And that guy was pretty bad ass.

PS – Adam, if your first order of business is to let the WNBA disband you’ll go down as a sports legend. No matter what the rest of your tenure sees, you’ll be a hero. Do it.

PPS – I actually think David Stern is probably one of the better commissioners of all time. But A) I think coinciding with the Jordan/Dream Team era was pretty lucky and B) No matter how good or bad you think he may have done, 1 thing is certain – the year long farewell tour suckfest of David Stern and his 30 year reign is gonna be nauseating.