Make sure you make it to the 2:48 mark when she starts doing an Indian chant with her hand and mouth

YoutubeI’ve been called white trash, honkie, whitey, marshmallow and all sorts of things..
It isn’t the whites that are racist it’s the blacks.
I’m not racist, I just wish EVERYBODY would get along.

I’ve suffered from discrimination from blacks in my life and I’ve never done them any wrong.

Someone get Grandma Marshmallow a pitcher of moonshine, a banjo, and a white hood, STAT! Chick cracks me up. She seems like a pretty sweet old lady. She doesn’t care what color you are. Doesn’t care what eth-nist-ticity you are. She doesn’t even say “that word she grew up saying” anymore. Bitch just doesn’t want her granddaughter being called a honkey. Ain’t nothin wrong with that.

Plus everyone knows if you preface every racist statement with “And I’m not racist but…” then you’re in the clear. Its like when people make youtube videos and they put in the description “I do not own the rights to this music” and somehow that means its ok they’re using illegal music. Same shit. “And I’m not racist but..” is the ultimate disclaimer. Even when you’re differentiating Indians and Native Americans by making the woo hoo woo hoo noise with your hand and mouth.

PS – I would motorboat the shit out of this old slave driver and her massive not racist titties.