Seriously not a day goes by that Seinfeld doesn’t apply to life. I just picture that idiot Gumdrop in a pair of jorts, a Devil jersey with only half his face painted because there’s not enough paint to cover that fat mug of his, prancing around talking all that hockey jargon while Osgood just takes it like a bitch. Gumdrop…take it away…

Gumdrop: Do-do do-do do-do do-do, HEY! YOU SUCK!  Music to my fucking ears.  Huge bounce back win to split the homestand and turn this thing into a three game series.  Losing last night could have been disastrous, but the Devils came out with engines roaring and set the Rock on fire with first period goals from Bryce “Offensive Juggernaut” Salvador and Travis “Lloyd Christmas” Zajac.  I’m still not sure exactly how the first one found its way in, to be honest.  Maybe it was tipped slightly, maybe it was just the screen, maybe Lundqvist would save that one nine times out of ten.

The most important thing about last’s night start to game four was that the Devils showed themselves right away that Lundqvist is beatable. A hot goalie can get into your head as a game goes on, and convincing yourself he’s human before that is the best way of winning that mental battle.  Marty was the better goalie at the Rock last night and while he may not have faced any really juicy chances, he made plenty of strong saves to keep their leads intact throughout.  With both the Ranger’s wins coming on shutouts and both Devil’s wins starting with first period goals, its looking more and more like this this series is going to be decided by the shutdown abilities of Henrik Lundqvist.  I wouldn’t bet on his ability to pull out two more shutouts in three games, but then again I got my ass kicked at a casino last night so maybe I’m just a shitty gambler.

PS – Fuck you, Mike Rupp.  Fuck you in your stupid fucking face.  Consider your contributions to 2003 completely forgotten.  Go back to being an aryan extra in American History X and leave the hockey to those who can skate, asshole.