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Poop talk starts at 2:40

Not so smart now, are you Emmelyn? I guess when you were busy studying insects and planets you never took the time to learn that you should take a shit before you go on live television, huh? I’m as dumb as a box of fucking rocks but I know that you always take a dump before the big game. This just goes to show that your IQ and being a genius is so overrated. I mean this little nerd went on TV and made an ass of herself. Just sat there opening her mouth real wide. Couldn’t even answer a simple question because she was so amazed at seeing herself on camera she just sat there waving like an autistic kid. Then she tops it off by repeatedly yelling she needs to take a shit. I mean congrats on being the youngest member of Mensa but you got a long ways to go before you can even fit in as a functioning member of society.

PS – Hey mom and dad – maybe you should let her go to the fucking bathroom? You really wanna be the family that went on the Today show and had everyone watched their daughter shit herself on TV?