This guy could manage my general store any day of the week!  I mean I have never seen such pure and unbridled passion in defending a storefront in my entire life.  Like I’m not even sure what the problem is here but 30 seconds in I was totally hating this fucking skater and begging the cops to throw him in jail.  What did he even do?  He moved the bush to do a kickflip?  That doesn’t even make any sense but this store owner sold it so well that I don’t even care.  Like if you asked me 5 minutes ago “If somebody came over and took your mother or father’s bush out it would piss you off wouldn’t it!?” I’d say uhh probably not?  But not now.    Nope this skater will live to rue the day when he passed up on his skate park membership and fucked with this guy’s decorative bush when he gets thrown in….gets brought up on charges.