You know the old expression “there’s no such thing as a free Opening Day MLB fantasy sports challenge?” Well Fan Duel doesn’t. This Thursday is our biggest and best Fan Duel Free roll yet. Absolutely free to sign up. $1000 of total prize money on the line. And if you’re not into that whole winning-free-money-and-sports-knowledge-bragging-rights, we’re also including 2 free tickets to the Nantucket Blackout this summer. Doesn’t matter if you’re from Boston or New York or Philly or wherever, you win this Fan Duel free roll and you get 2 tickets to the Blackout at the Chicken Box on July 2 to cap off your holiday weekend. It will probably be one of the few Blackouts over the course of the summer, and I promise you it will shit on whatever backyard barbecue you’ve got planned.

So to recap – its the best sports day of the year, MLB Opening Day. You sign up. Draft a team for one day, prove you’re the most knowledgeable sports guy in your crew, win up to $200, and get 2 tickets to the best party on the East Coast this summer. If what I just said doesn’t interest you, you probably should stop reading Barstool. Not sure if you belong here.