Huff PoSavipat Kemkajit Chotpintu, a native of Thailand, has a lot of heart and courage. Sadly, the first thing people notice about her is the giant facial tumor she’s had since she was a young girl. The tumor on the 29-year-old’s face is so large that it has obstructed the left side of her face and left a large hole in the frontal lobe, exposing part of her brain.

You know how your ballsack shifts in length and size and what not depending on the weather and your mood? Sometimes your nuts are all high and tight and other times your balls hang low and wobble to and fro? This chicks tumors look like a couple of dicks and a low hanging sack. I’m not even kidding the lower half of that tumor looks exactly like my junk except its missing a penis head. Seriously if I was uncircumcised the dick and balls thats coming out of that chick’s nose would be a dead ringer for KFC’s drumstick and biscuits. Nothing worse, by the way, than when your balls are hanging lower than your penis. Makes you feel outrageously inadequate. The upper dick is just like a chode and a half.

Anyway, poor Savipat. Not only is she crippled by a face tumor but it also happens to be like a permanent tea bagging. Someone get this chick some pro bono dick-face surgery, STAT!