Oklahoma – Police in Oklahoma were stunned to discover during a routine traffic stop 13 illegal immigrants stuffed into the back seat of an SUV on Tuesday morning. Sgt. Cody Palmer, of the local sheriff’s department, pulled the vehicle over on busy Interstate 40 for tailgating, only to discover the stowaways crammed into the back of the car. ’I couldn’t fathom that they had gotten that many people in that car,’ he said. As if that wasn’t surprise enough, just minutes after, the 11 men and 3 women in the car tried to make a getaway, bursting out of the car and running in every direction, some even darting past speeding cars on the highway.

Just set this video to circus music and you have comedy at its finest. Like when are they gonna stop coming? Now? No wait there’s more. They done now? Nope that chick just came out and did a face plant. OK they have to be done now, right? Nope here come six more. Funny shit. But what kind of immigrants do you think they were? Is there a minority group that gets stereotyped for cramming too many people into one car? Hmmm….