NYDN – Traci Lynn Johnson still doesn’t understand why people hate her so much. She’s still got so little remorse about removing Tiki Barber from his pregnant wife two years ago that she unabashedly posed topless for a nightlife magazine last week. It was an eyeful for Metropolis Nights editor Chaunce Hayden, who managed to recover and ask the pulled-taffy temptress about her naysayers. “I have a lot more haters than I do lovers,” confessed Traci Lynn, who married the New York Giants running back-turned-commentator last month. “The people who keep saying all these negative things about me don’t know me at all,” she added. “They just hate their life more, so it’s easy for them to hate me instead of dealing with their own problems.” “I was shocked by all the media attention my relationship with Tiki got,” Traci Lynn reveals in the mag, on stands Sept. 1. “The tabloids love to write about celebrity divorces. Everyone else in the country gets divorced or breaks up with their boyfriend and nobody cares. When things bad happen, they love to exploit us.” She reveals that the newlyweds have been offered their own reality-show deals. “Quite a few,” she tells Hayden. “But we said, ‘No’ to all of them. I don’t need to wake up at 10 a.m. and have to put makeup on because there’s a camera crew downstairs.” No, Traci Lynn doesn’t get it now, because she doesn’t have kids of her own. “We might someday,” she says, “Tiki and I call them our ‘maybe babies.’ ”

What a fucking trashbag this skank is huh? Courtney Stodden would take one look at this bitch and be like “You need to grow up.” I mean I don’t wanna sit on my cloud of judgment handing out life lessons to all the sinners, but this chick is a Grade A, top of the line, dumptruck. She’s almost such an asshole I almost think she’s doing it on purpose. Like she said to herself, well I’m gonna be the villain no matter what here, I might as well go over the top with it and try to cash in. But I honestly think she’s too stupid for that.

Don’t wanna do a reality show because you can’t wake up at 10am? People only hate you because they hate their own lives? No bitch people hate you because you’re a stupid slut whos married to the biggest asshole on the planet. People hate you because you ruined a family flaunting your young pussy all over the place at work. Again, I don’t give a shit about other people’s marriages and the reasons behind divorces and all that jazz. But gimme a fucking break playing the victim card here. You’re a trashy gold digger who is married to one of the most delusional losers on the face of the earth. I would have considered it impossible to be the worse half in a relationship with Tiki Barber, but you may have earned that distinction.

Officially the worst couple on the planet – Tiki Barber and his slut.