NYDNThe Daily News has learned that Tebow, who captivated the NFL last season with his miracle playoff run in Denver, will request to be traded or released after the season assuming that McElroy starts the final two games. Tebow’s desire to part ways with a franchise that never gave him a chance came to a head after McElroy, who has seven career passes on his NFL resume, leapfrogged him, according to a source.

As much as I love bashing the Jets organization for how they’ve handled the quarterback controversy, this is my favorite part of the whole saga. Tim Tebow demanding a trade. Hilarious. Or what, Tim? Whats gonna happen if the Jets don’t meet your demands? Gonna refuse to hold the clipboard for McElroy? If you guys don’t trade me, I will refuse to go in on special teams during punts! Thats the last time you’ll ever see Tim Tebow run for a loss 4 times a game, New York! Gimme a break, Tim. Can’t wait for David Carr to demand a trade too.

Trade him for a 34th round pick. Cut him for nothing. Eat his money. Whatever. Just can’t wait for this fucking Tim Tebow experiment to be over. When you really think about it, it may have been the most dramatic waste of time in sports history. Aside from wasting four years on Mark Sanchez, of course.