Tim Tebow wants to start. Tim Tebow demands a trade. Tim Tebow says he’s unwilling to play in the wildcat.

BRO YOU FUCKING SUCK. Who cares what you want???

Enough of this bullshit. Enough. I know the Jets are idiots. I know Rex is probably the worst head coach in the world. God knows Tony Sparano is a terrible OC. But Christ alfuckingmighty enough with the Tim Tebow demands. Tim Tebow basically benched himself, which is universally be praised as him “standing up to the Jets.” If any other athlete in the world took himself out of the game and the media found out he purposely told his coaches he didn’t want to play unless he was starting, they would beĀ crucified. Yes, pun intended for this Jesus freak asshole. The Jets ran the wildcat with Kerley and McKnight about 10x more effective than they had all season. So just fucking face it, Tim. You’re garbage. Nobody cares how nice you are. Nobody cares how committed you are. Especially after backing out like a pussbag. You’re not good enough to make demands. Not even on the pathetic New York Jets. Shut the fuck up and wait till next year when you can fade into bolivion in Jacksonville.

Seriously, what a fucking fraud this clown is. Guy has regurgitated his bullshit “I’ll do anything for this team” rhetoric for an entire season and now he’s stamping his feet and pouting like a little bitch that he isn’t starting. Coaches make coaching decisions, players play. Thats how it works. Honestly, I can’t believe the double standard. The fact that some writers and analysts are defending Tebow is insanity. If some young hot head player ever pulled this stunt it would be the end of the fucking world. But Tebow has the whole world duped so everything is now the Jets fault.

Bottom line is Tim Tebow fucking sucks at football and now we’re seeing he’s a total fraud. Regardless of the Jets management or not.