I really wish I didn’t bust that conviction nut a couple weeks ago. Did I get the blood flowing to every Yankee stoolie’s dick with a rant on putting 100% effort into everything you do? Sure. Did I change a couple people’s lives by inspiring them to go into work and demand that raise or kill their boss that fired them? Undoubtedly. Did my boy Phelps read it in the Yankee clubhouse, directly leading to 5 of 7 from the Rangers and the Red Sox. Obviously, but that’s not the point- it was too early for the Braveheart speech. I gave the Miracle talk before the qualifying rounds. I wasted the good surprise on Sonny.

So here we are with a month left in the season and a 3/4.5 game lead on Baltimore and Tampa respectively. That’s the bad news. It wasn’t too long ago that a 10 game lead separated the pinstripes from the rest of the East. Blue skies and singing children. Switching back and forth between HIMYM, The Office, and the game every night because it felt like spring training. And now this- a month of scoreboard watching, nail-biting, and doubt. The good news, however, is that the Yankees can pretty much dictate their own fate with 13 games left against the Rays and the O’s. So, after 5 months of inconsistent play, mainly from the offense, it’s time for the Yankees to take a good, long look in the mirror and figure out who they are. Are they 100% dependent on the long-ball, or can they do what any competent 6th grade AAU kid can do and roll one over to short with a runner on 3rd and 1 out? Are they a one-and-done playoff team? Are they even going to the playoffs? All these questions will be answered when October rolls around, but it starts tonight against the O’s. Fuck everything Baltimore. Fuck Buck Showalter, fuck Robert Andino, and fuck Stringer Bell.