Click here to join this week’s and be just like me and win and/or come in 11th

The best thing about Fan Duel is that we’ve made the tournaments so big and so lucrative you don’t even need to win it, or even make the top 10, to pull home some serious dough. I was in 7th and poised to make $700. Dropped to 11th and still pulled down 300 bucks. All the way up to 32nd you get paid 100 bucks. Its the easiest way to make some legit coin. And I genuinely mean that. I’m terrible at season long fantasy sports. I don’t even do it because I find it so boring and I’m so bad. But making a quick Fan Duel lineup and competing against other Stoolies and bloggers for $3,300 is no sweat. Look forward to it every week.

 $15,000 in total prizes, with the winner walking away with $3,300. 332 seats in the tournament, up to three entries allowed. $50 entry fee