Tin Lizzie is such an absurd place sometimes I debate whether its even real. When we did the Truck Bomb contest there I thought I was dreaming. Like I was banging holes in the wall of the place hanging signs and climbing all over chairs and tables and shit and nobody cared. Free drinks were flying everywhere. Smokes behind the bar and I was like wandering around in the basement too. Those guys up there won’t do anything to stand in the way of having a good time.

Their latest ridiculous idea? Free fucking buffalo wings for Sunday Football games. Do you understand what I just told you? Free wings, free nachos. Thats the kind of idea that will probably run them out of business in the near future, but for the time being I have 200% found my new Sunday Funday football spot. And they have like 3 dollar beers and 10 dollar pitchers. And for you assholes who say the Upper East Side is too far away you get a free beer if you present your taxi cab receipt. That’s some For The Common Man, By The Common Man shit right there. Plus if Danielle is behind the bar its worth working barefoot up there. So this is like the official Barstool endorsement for Tin Lizzie as the spot to be for Giants kick off at 1pm this Sunday.

I’m KFC and I approve this message.