PFTAmazingly, the Patriots haven’t won a playoff game since losing Super Bowl XLII to the New York Giants.  New England’s most recent postseason futility, at the hands of New York’s other team, is gonna leave a mark.  On quarterback Tom Brady’s soul. During his latest in-season Monday morning appearance on WEEI in Boston (the over/under on how much gets paid for that is $5,000 per week), Brady said, “The Jets loss, I’ll never get over that. That’s as painful a loss as we’ve ever had here as a team. ” “That loss” came to the Jets, not long after the Patriots shredded the Jets on the same field. “They can rush the passer, find ways to confuse you by rushing the passer or by their coverages,” Brady told The Dennis & Callahan Morning Show, via Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald.  “We gave them a lot of credit when they won. We got to learn from that and understand what it takes to beat good teams.” As to the possibility of what would be a shocking release of defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, it seems like Brady thinks Haynesworth will be sticking around.  “Albert and I have had a lot of conversations and he’s a great player,” Brady said, possibly remembering well the preseason hit that Haynesworth applied to Brady a couple of years ago, which may or may not have caused a shoulder/rib injury that lingered into the regular season.  “He’s looking forward to having a great season and getting out there.” Brady was less positive about receiver Chad Ochocinco, explaining that Chad is undergoing a “crash course,” and that “[t]he way he’s played the game is quite a bit different from how we’ve played the game.”

Must be comforting to Pats fans huh? Knowing their Golden Child has his mind right and he’s focusing on the future. And by “focusing on the future” I mean “fixated on the past.” I guess that should really surprise me though, right? The Patriots living in the past is kinda like a recurring theme these days. The fan base can do nothing but cite playoff wins from 2007. Their quarterback is haunted by losses to the Jets the past couple years. They are signing washed up players who were good like 8 years ago. Its kinda like their new shtick. Pretty cute if you ask me.

PS – At least it sounds like Brady is happy to have Ochocinco aboard. For sure not.