Well tonight is as close to real Giants football as you’re gonna see until the opener with the Cowgirls, and I’m glad it comes against da Bears. Chicago brings a couple of elite players that’ll test two of the biggest Big Blue concerns right now – Julius Peppers & Brandon Marshall. Marshall is gonna be an absolute beast this year now that he’s reunited with his boy Cuntler, and with the first teams getting at least a half to go at it he’s sure to test the Giants’ secondary. C-Web isn’t gonna be able to man-up every single snap, so the locker room’s favorite punching bag Prince Amukamara, who’s already gonna be under a microscope, will have to bring his first-round pick game fo’ sho’. With Hosley out nursing his turf toe, Will Hill has a chance to shine tonight as well in the slot.

Most important, though, will be to ensure Peppers doesn’t decapitate Eli. Sean Locklear’s been filling in for Will Beatty & his balky back, and my rule about lineman is if I never hear about you, you’re probably doing your job. We’ll see if that holds true tonight with a Pro Bowl pass rusher staring him in the face. Left tackle will need to be even more responsible with one of the league’s best pass-protecting backs Ahmad Bradshaw out – which also shines the light on David Wilson. Although I’d love to see him break a bug run, his blocking help will be what dictates how quickly he seizes RB2 on the depth chart. He’ll have 24+ first-team minutes to prove he’s ready.

There’s obviously plenty more to see, but that’s what I’ll be watching. Let me know what you’ll have your eye on in the comments.