ESPNAccording to sources, the Jets do not plan to bring back offensive coordinator Tony Sparano (the Jets are ranked 30th in total offense in Sparano’s first season in the role) and Johnson has been putting out feelers for ideas to determine the ideal structure of his front office.┬áSome league sources believe coach Rex Ryan, who will return, would be best served working again with general manager Mike Tannenbaum, which they believe would provide Johnson the type of stability he respects in other organizations led by such owners as the Maras and Rooneys.

Welp, that was a fucking disaster. Not sure if you’re supposed to blame the shitty players or the shitty OC when the offense looks like complete and utter shit. Its like a chicken or the egg situation. But Tony Sparano was brought in because of his vast and extensive knowledge of the wildcat to bring out the best in Tim Tebow and he never used it and the offense completely sucked. So now Tebow’s gone, the wildcat is gone, and there’s nothing but garbage talent for Sanchez or McElroy or whichever garbage QB is under center. Time to scrap the gimmick quarterbacks, the gimmick coordinators, the sunglasses indoors, and start to build a real offense with a longterm OC.

PS – Mentioning Woody Johnson in the same breath as the Maras and the Rooneys is downright laughable.