So pretty much all I can think about is this Sunday night at 10pm. The final season of Breaking Bad premieres. I’m pretty much ready to declare it my favorite television show ever. Its right up there with the glory days of Lost before the ending completely sucked. I hate to be the dude who demands that people watch certain TV shows because theres a million shows out there that people do and don’t care to see. But if you haven’t at least given it a try you’re nuts.

These are the top 5 scenes that don’t include any sort of spoilers for the most part. If you’ve never watched and these clips aren’t enough to entice you, I don’t respect you as a person. If you are a fan you’ll remember all these scenes from seasons 1-4. I would have liked to include Walt making Walt Jr. take shots by the pool, Mike’s half measures speech, and the various scenes where Jesse is no longer afriad and just doesn’t give a shit, but these are the ones I could find on Youtube. Also Saul is probably one of the best characters but his scenes are all comedic and shit.

1. I Knock

2. Crawl Space

3. Jessie in the hospital

4. Walt in the parking lot

5. Never Give Up Control