Nailed it! “No.” “No.” “No.” “I’m gonna keep it in the room.” “Suck my dick you blood sucking media leeches” That last one I may have inferred.

I love these people complaining about Tortorella. Hes such a dick! Why can’t he just answer questions! Fuck that. Every media member rolls up in press conference asking whatever the fuck they want and will gladly run home and twist words and take things out of context to spin whatever controversy they want in their article. And every athlete and coach is expected to just sit there and give them all the quotes they want to fuel that fire. Its bullshit. Torts is in the middle of a run to the Stanley Cup and doesn’t wanna be bothered by outside distractions. You get a minute and fifteen seconds of yes’s and no’s and then its back to work. Deal with it.

And spare me the bullshit about how its their job and they need those interviews to write and discuss and what not. The media is getting a story that is 10,000x juicier because of Tortorella’s dickhead attitude. The rest of the series they can write about him and his asshole behavior. They can say this is do or die for Tortorella. Write all about how coaches with this attitude either win it all or crash and burn. All that jazz. They’d much rather this controversy than the Derek Jeter lip service “We played hard but we need to make a few adjustments and go out there and play that much harder for Game 3.” That doesn’t write columns.

Thats whats so ironic. Tortorella’s approach to avoid media distractions is completely misguided and backwards. He’s probably only making it worse. But props to him for not giving a fuck and not sitting there babbling like a ventriloquist dummy just so slave drivers like Phil Mushnick can write their drivel. Now cue the fucking music.