Torts was in fine fuming form last night following a Brooks Orpik knee-on-knee collision with Derek Stepan, basically calling the Pittsburgh organization a bunch of classless whiners.  He may not be first in line for the Jack Adams but you gotta respect Torts’ deflection expertise here.  The Blueshirts lay a stinker losing 5-2, so Torts starts whining about whiners and subtlely pointing fingers at superstars.  Sending out a line of goons to start the game? He’ll flip a shit about it and respond by sending out thugs of his own to help “diffuse” the situation.  The good ol’ goad-n-pounce; playing the press like a fiddle and before you know it, his song is stuck in your head worse than the Call Me Maybe chorus on infinite repeat.  See he knows that these hypocritical rants and expletive laden press scrums are what gets his team pumped to play better.  You better believe if these two squads see each other again the Rangers will be a little more fired up than they were last night, and I’m sure Torts will use the Stepan incident to make sure of it.  With that being said, get ready to open up that wallet, coach, cause it’s fine time, baby.

The NHL playoffs start next Wednesday, but we won’t know the Rangers’ first round opponent until Saturday’s season finales.  With Buffalo’s loss to Philly last night eliminating them from contention, the possibles now include Washington, Ottawa, and (please God make this happen) Florida.  So here’s the dilemma – do you phone in the last game of the season against the Caps hoping that Carolina can beat the Panthers in regulation or do you play 110% for the win (and President’s trophy) against the team you’ve now ensured you’ll face first in order to enter the playoffs as hot as possible?  Fuck first in the league, I’m going with the former.  Just ask the Devils fans who have been praying for status quo standings since the 3-6 matchup started reading Florida v New Jersey – nothing is more appetizing than a conference quarterfinals series against the Panthers, who if everything plays out right will be entering the playoffs 2-4-5 in their last 11.  Anyone who doesn’t prefer that to facing Washington (who may be having goalie issues but can explode at any time) or Ottawa (who’s had the Rangers’ number all year long), is just asking for a first round collapse.  So I guess I’m going to spend the final day of the regular season rooting against the Rangers and for the Hurricanes.  Wow, what a difference a year can make… @Osgood_StoolNYC