I feel like there was a big divide with Tortorella this postseason. On one side you had Rangers fans who loved him and on the other side you had the media and post season hockey bandwagon fans who thought he was a dickhead with his postgame press conference antics.

Well I’d say Torts first interview since the Rangers got the boot addressed that issue right there. How can you fault the guy for this explanation? He hates the media asking stupid questions and he’s focused on winning. He knows he sometimes goes overboard and stirs up problems, but what do you want from the dude? He is what he is. Is it always the best way to handle yourself? Probably not. But you can’t blame the guy for detesting the bullshit.

I don’t know shit about hockey and don’t pretend to be a fan of the Rangers, but Torts seems like the exact type of guy you want on the bench. Guy doesn’t care about anything but winning. He stands up for his players. Takes all the heat on his shoulders. Isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Everything you want from a New York City coach.