TelegraphThe presidency said President Viktor Yanukovych had accepted Mr Azarov’s request to give up his post and become an MP, a move expected to be repeated by several cabinet ministers. It remained unclear who would fill the powerful post of premier, with some analysts speculating it could go to a member of the elite close to Mr Yanukovych known as the “Family”. ”President Viktor Yanukovych accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, satisfying the demand of the latter,” the statement added. The move cames as a new parliament prepares to meet after October 28 legislative elections which raised new concerns about democratic standards under Mr Yanukovych. The ruling Regions Party appears to have retained control of the Verkhovna Rada with the help of independents despite a strong challenge from the opposition parties of boxer Vitali Klitschko and imprisoned ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko. ”It is possible that this radical resignation makes sense; it is better to dissolve the government and appoint another one,” said Kostyantyn Bondarenko, head of the Ukrainian Politics Institute.

I know this isn’t a typical Barstool blog. But A) Every now and then I gotta sprinkle in some real news so that Stoolies know whats going on in the world besides Sophie Turners ass. And B) I love this move. Ukraine government just quits. Whole thing. Just like “Fuck this shit, we’re going home.” Just peacing out and letting Vitali Klitschko become president or some shit. Like hey we’re in a recession. We’re a sitting duck. A road apple. Don’t know what the fuck to do. Lets just let the Heavyweight Champion of the World figure this shit out. Classic mass political resignation. Classic.

Obligatory video to prevent the “How could you not…” comments