TMZ Warrior just uploaded a couple of new bizarre, ranting videos to YouTube … trashing Hogan — aka Terry Bollea — for allegedly being rude to Warrior fans on various social networking sites recently … we think.  One of the videos features Warrior in his gym — all fired up — telling Hogan he was hoping Hulk would welcome Warrior back into his life with a hug or “one of those womanly handshakes” … but he seems upset that Hulk continues to ignore him.  For the record, Hulk and Warrior haven’t faced off in the ring since 1998 … and Hogan won.

Good to see Warrior hasn’t lost a step.  Just kind of weird to hear him use the phrase “social networking”.   You can tell he doesn’t feel comfortable even saying it himself.  What the heck happened here anyway, Hulk Hogan didn’t invite the Warrior and his followers to his Facebook party or something?   Of course he didn’t, they fought like 9 times for the title.  0% chance I do any follow-up, but that’s what it sounds like to me.