PlanetivyDesperate couples trying to conceive are seeking sperm donors from the black market. Sexual intercourse is their preferred method. One issue you wouldn’t associate with China’s population is the lack of it. Yet while tending to their economy, China are denying themselves a wealth of sperm in their banks. The Hill Post reported that ‘Huang’, a professional donor found in the black market, said that you “could choose to have me either inject my sperm into the wife’s body artificially or through direct sexual intercourse”. Now there’s public service for you. The eleven available sperm banks fail to accommodate the population of over 1.3 billion, leaving Chinese women less than satisfied. Individuals such as Yu Hua and her husband choose to risk the black market of sperm trade to add another number to this figure. Despite possible complications caused by untested samples, they’re happy to go through with the procedure. Huang, the couple’s donor, channels the DIY ethic and injects the specimen himself. “I will keep my sperm in a small vacuum cup after masturbation, and then inject it into the wife’s body through a plastic injector” he says. He also claims to have much experience in the line of work. So much so that medical professionals are not required to assist in this procedure. Huang has so much belief in his conception abilities, that he recommends sexual intercourse would be his preferred method to success.

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