DM – The University of Miami has come under fire after it sent a seemingly racist emergency text to students warning that a ‘black male’ was on campus. The University had meant to alert students on Wednesday night to the fact that police were pursuing two suspects in a reported laptop theft and that one was armed. But, in an embarrassing gaffe, the message failed to mention the crime, simply stating: ‘Black male on campus wearing black and white tennis shoes, white shirt w/blk writing, black shorts..’



Whoops. Gonna want a mulligan on that one, huh fellas? But I mean it’s the University of Miami. Not like students there have never seen a black dude before. This got me to thinking though. I’d love an emergency notification system that alerted me when minorities were near me in certain circumstances. Like I’m walking home late at night and all of a sudden I get a text: “WARNING: Puerto Rican two blocks east.” Or I’m in a movie and my phone buzzes: “ALERT: Black couple two rows behind you. Seat change advised.” Or the obvious one: “ATTENTION: Muslim boarding the aircraft.” That shit would be a lifesaver. Can someone invent that for me please?