NY Daily NewsA crazed upper East Side man was busted Saturday after he brandished an ornamental sword in his apartment, cops said. Justin Orna grabbed the sword off the living room wall and briefly held cops at bay outside his fifth floor flat on E. 75th St. near York Ave. “He doesn’t know how to calm down,” said dad John Orna. “He’s harmless, he’s like a bunny. He doesn’t threaten anyone.” John Orna, who shares the apartment with his son, called cops after the disturbed man started trashing the place around 5 p.m. Police eventually talked Justin Orna into putting down the sword and surrendering. No one was hurt. Justin Orna, who is in his 30s and has a young son, was led out of the building screaming incoherently. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. His father said the 3-foot-long sword has a dull blade and was a present from a relative. He insisted it is strictly “for decor.” Neighbors said they often heard screaming and loud banging inside the apartment. John Orna said his son needs better medication to keep his “agitation” in check. “Ten days, he’s going to be back here, asking me to make him a grilled cheese sandwich,” the dad said.

Hey Pops, in case you didn’t notice, your son was just swinging a goddam ninja sword at law enforcement. When was the last time you saw a fucking bunny do that? Maybe 10 days from now when your son asks you for a grilled cheese you should tell him “No more grilled cheeses until you stop attack police with ancient Japanese kitanas.” I mean I’m not gonna pretend I’ve got a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug on my desk here at Barstool HQ, but I’m pretty sure rewarding violent samurai behavior with a delicious grilled cheese is not exactly the sort of reinforcement you should be aiming for as a Dad.

You should take a page out of this bitch’s book:

All the little man did was get a blue card and a yellow card for fighting with Stevie over pencils and he’s gargling hot sauce and getting cold showers like fuckin Colonel Jessup ordered a Code Red at Gitmo. Say what you want about this Mom but I promise you her son won’t be swinging swords at police anytime soon.