NY PostAn “Animal House” fraternity at an upstate hazing hotbed treated a pledge so badly “it may have ruined his life,” leading him to quit the school even though he had a substantial scholarship, according to a new lawsuit and the man’s lawyer. During Michael Warren’s initiation at the Alpha Delta Omega frat at Hartwick College in Oneonta last year he was paddled so hard he needed medical treatment – after he spent an entire night locked in a bathroom with other pledges being subjected to strobe lights and blasting music, lawyer Gerald Gross said. And worse, Warren, the only African-American to pledge at Alpha Delta Omega, was “racially harassed” — forced to dress up in a pimp costume, according to the suit. “The place is run like Animal House,” Gross said. “He was paddled very, very aggressively and together with other pledges he was locked in the bathroom all night.” After coming forward with the tale of his mistreatment, Warren was made to feel outcast at the tiny liberal arts college. It’s affected him very much emotionally,” Gross said. “He’s so frankly traumatized, he won’t come back. It may have ruined his life.” The suit seeking unspecified damages was filed last week in Brooklyn Supreme Court against Hartwick, Alpha Delta Omega and seven frat brothers. Hartwick College, founded in 1797 as the first Lutheran seminary in the United States, has had a long and inglorious history of fraternity trouble. In 2006, three members of another fraternity at Hartwick were arrested for forcing a pledge to do sit-ups and push-ups in broken glass and urine-soaked garbage. In that same year two pledges at another frat were treated for alcohol poisoning and rookie members of the lacrosse team claimed that they were forced to strip and drink a keg of beer at an initiation ritual. And, in 1997, a student got so drunk at a frat party, he wandered off alone and drowned in a river.Warren has since transferred to Hofstra University on Long Island, but without the scholarship money he was receiving at Hartwick.

I hate every side of these stupid ass frat catastrophes. Like hey bro if you didn’t want to have a bunch of dudes treat you like shit, you probably shouldn’t join a frat. Anyone who gets shocked by hazing is a fucking dick. What did you think they were gonna give you a rub and tug as your initiation? No, they are gonna piss on you and probably do weird stuff to your butthole because thats how frat boys get down. Fucking weird shit, I know. I’m not gonna say its right, I’m just saying anyone with half a brain knows thats what frat initiation is gonna be like

Then on the other side of the coin we have the insecure asshole frat brothers who legit take pleasure in torturing young boys. Hey Hartwick College, you guys fucking suck at hazing. If people aren’t busy drowning in rivers their busy ratting you out for being racists torturers. Maybe take the hint that all your frat pledges either die or sue you. Might be time to switch up your approach.

I dunno. I never had any of that experience. Primarily because I didn’t need a “brotherhood” to have fun at college so I didn’t join a frat. I couldn’t join a frat, actually. And I’m sure there are some frats where you don’t have to lose your anal virginity to join and you probably have dope parties and get tons of pussy, and thats all well and good. I’m not gonna knock that, I’m actually jealous of that. But spare me the dog and pony show about “Brotherhood” and how the initiation is part of how you earn it. You know what a “brotherhood” is? Its a fucking sausage party. You’re not gonna shoot mustard and ketchup up my ass so I can hang out with a bunch of dudes more often.

So while I’m sure some wild frat parties shit on my relatively normal college experience, I’m not losing sleep over it. Bottom line is, I did just fine drinking what I wanted to drink, when I wanted to drink, without ever being anyone’s bitch. And I get to go the rest of my life saying I’ve never been spanked by another man and I never had to do anything with other dude’s urine. Pretty pumped about that.

PS – “Ruined your life?” Bro they flashed lights in your face, played music loud, and made you dress up in a costume.