This Urban Outfitters T-shirt has been labeled ‘Auschwitz chic’ and retails for $100.

Times Of Israel - American clothing company Urban Outfitters is courting controversy over a T-shirt bearing a six-pointed star resembling the one Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis.  The “patchwork Star of David on the left breast pocket… harkens back to 1930s and 40s Europe,” the Canada Free Press suggested, sarcastically describing the look as “Auschwitz chic.” While the star itself is blue, the “vintage yellow color” of the rest of the shirt will look familiar to students of Nazi Germany, the article notes. The shirt, which has already been denounced by the Anti-Defamation League, is hardly the first Urban Outfitters item to earn objections. Previous pieces sold by the chain have offended Navajos and African-Americans, among others. The store also generated anger in 2004 with a shirt bearing the words “Everybody Loves a Jewish Girl” surrounded by dollar signs and shopping bags.

Well this is just downright disgusting. How could anyone at Urban Outfitters think this was a good idea?

Everyone knows Auschwitz swag isn’t worth a penny more than 75 bucks! I mean, a hundred dollars for this piece of shit t shirt is a little outrageous no? And not to be insensitive here, but does Urban Outfitters realize who their target market is with this shirt? Good luck getting Schmuel Lebowitz to drop a hundred bucks on a T.

Also I’m not sure designing your t shirts with Nazi brands is a good marketing tactic either, but lets call a spade a spade the price point is out of control. Might as well sell $200 henna tattoos of serial numbers too you morons.