So for some stupid reason this debate has been all the rage today. Mostly perpetuated by Skip Bayless and the other idiots on ESPN First Take. Skip said that Jacksonville would win, but it would be a close game, 24-14. The rest of the panel seemed to agree it would be a massacre of epic proportions. One dude who was a complete no name I’ve never heard of said Bama wouldn’t get a first down.

These sort of debates happen all the time. Could Kentucky beat the Bobcats? Could a UConn women’s championship team beat the worst men’s team in the nation? All these stupid hypothetical which pretty much would all indefinitely result in the professional team/men’s team winning. Out of all of them, football is agreed upon as the absolute biggest discrepancy. I think most people were outraged that it was only a 24 point spread.

But I’ll tell you what – the slop that the New York Jets have been trotting out there at some point this season is an interesting, interesting scenario. I mean I know Vegas oddsmakers know more about this shit than anyone on earth but when you watch the Jets week in and week out, some serious doubts can creep into your head. There are times when it looks like Mark Sanchez, his slopfest receiving core and his putrid backfield wouldn’t be able to move the ball againstĀ anyone. You could create a hybrid of these scenarios – would the Jets be able to beat a hybrid team of Kentucky’s mens hoops on defense and the Uconn women’s hoops team on offense? – and I still don’t think I could say definitely yes. Thats how bad they look sometimes. Obviously its men against boys but I don’t know if I’d take the Jets to cover with like a 35 point spread. I really don’t.