Well maybe that explains his opening night butterfingers. The woman responsible for everyone’s favorite TD dance since the Ickey Shuffle was on her death bed. Everyone coming down on Cruz’s shitty performance against Dallas now feels like when you joke about nailing someone’s mom only to find out they buried her last week. Whoops. Regardless, Week 1 is over with and the G-Men seem to be healing up nicely thus far (Prince & Marvin Austin practiced yesterday and are on track to play Sunday). What they can contribute on the field remains to be seen, but especially getting Prince back to help a decimated secondary is a plus. Combine that with a heavy-hearted Victor Cruz undoubtedly determined to get in the end zone & salute grandma after her passing, signs are pointing towards a big Giants bounce-back against Tampa Bay. Although they have a knack for usually playing down to their competition, I’m pretty sure Big Blue are fully aware that starting 0-2 at home isn’t an option. Besides, you can’t lose for grandma. You just can’t.