Now although this spanned over the course of two days, I spent about a total of like 9 or 10 hours hours working on it. Yesterday from like 4-10pm, 11pm-12am. Then today from 5-7pm. BLOWING AWAY my initial prediction of 15.5 hours and the commenter predictions of 15.5 days.

I’m not 100% sure but I believe this means I’m officially the smartest man alive. Only thing irking me is that one piece of wood left – “Part K” – and roughly 45-60 screws and nails that I somehow didn’t use. So stay tuned for tomorrows blog where this thing folds like a house of cards. But for the time being, Fuck Office Max!

Viva La Manuel Labor!

Viva La Stool!

(I wish I was exaggerating for the sake of a blog but this is honestly one of the larger accomplishments of my life.)