Thats some 3 Little Pigs shit right there, man. House made of brick to the left, all good. Apartment building made of straw, not so much. Just one big gust and the facade of that building was gone in a heartbeat. I mean I’m sure there are people in Florida and New Orleans and shit think we’re assholes for taking pictures of one apartment building thats been damaged, but thats pretty nuts no matter what you’ve seen. My girl Liz Cho on Channel 7 who is a certifiably, category 5 unstoppable force of news anchor sexiness nailed it last night when she called this building the Doll House. Face ripped off whole building gutted.

Oh and for the record your boy was safe and sound up on 96th street. Everyone loves cracking jokes about how I lived all the way up in Harlem but I didn’t lose power, didn’t see any damage. Nothing. The east village looks like this:

Stuy town lost power. Con Edison almost blew up all of Alphabet City. Who knows how long lower Manhattan will be out of power after that explosion. But here’s KFC and the rest of the poor people up in the hood right on the border of places Cam’ron raps about who didn’t miss a beat. Uptown baby! Uptown baby!