StandardA Bengali violinist says his life has been “destroyed” after his name was replaced by an offensive term in an official festival programme. Abdul Shahid, who has performed around the world, said he has been subjected to “immense ridicule” after his first name was written as “bal” — “pubic hair” in Bengali. More than 85,000 copies of the programme were circulated by Tower Hamlets council for the annual Baishakhi Mela Festival last year, which drew 120,000 people to Brick Lane. Mr Shahid is now suing Tower Hamlets for more than £300,000 for damages. The 43-year-old father-of-four claims he has been subject to “immense ridicule, taunting and humiliation” which rendered him unable to work. The programme features a picture of the musician playing the violin with his name given as “Bal Shahid”. Prior to the misprint, Mr Shadid performed across the world, including nine times in America, and was regularly broadcast on Bengali TV channels. He says he now stays indoors for fear of humiliation. “My name has been destroyed, it’s a disaster. Everybody in this community knows me. When I go outside everyone who knows me and my family are like ‘woo, woo, woo’, making fun of me. They say ‘Bal, Bal’ and I am ashamed. “I have lost my livelihood. I was a very popular player, but since this has happened, I haven’t been out of the house much at all. I only feel comfortable going out  at night. Mr Shahid’s wife, Nazam Begum, 30, said she now shops online to avoid comments at the local market.

Yo what up, Pubic Hair! Hey Pubic Hair, play me a tune! Who’s the finale of this violin concert? Oh Pubic Hair! Nice!

Yup, that will ruin your fucking life. Nothing quite like a bad nickname sticking. Feitelberg is always crying that people call him “Feet-ul-berg” instead of “Fight-ul-berg.” Hey John at least you’re not going by the fucking name “Pubic Hair.” A buddy of mine once pissed all over my parents carpet in a blackout like 4 years ago Memorial Day Weekend. He’s been known as Tinkle ever since then. The Big Tink. Tink. Tinkle Tinkle little star. Any variation there of. Can’t live it down.

And I still think I’d rather be him than fucking Abdul “Pubic Hair” Shahid. I mean this dude is a violinist. He’s an aristocrat. A member of the bourgeoisie elite. A gifted musician. “If music be the food of love, play on!” Yea well good luck maintaining that reputation now that you’re fucking “Pubic Hair” bro! You know how many people wanna be serenaded by a dude named Pubic Hair plucking on some strings? Just about zero. His wife can’t even go to the market anymore. “Excuse me sir which aisle can I find the milk?” “I dunno Mrs. Pubic Hair find it yourself!” Everywhere he goes – it’s just “woo woo woo” from the peanut gallery. That ain’t no way for a Bengali violinist to live.